Program and Construction Management has become more and more sophisticated through the years. At VPCS, we’ve been able to maintain the quality of our product while keeping up with the ever-changing expectations of the industry and – more importantly – our clients.

The application of meaningful technology has affected virtually every aspect of our business. These days, there seems to be an app for everything! So finding the proper balance between human and technological input has become part of our job. Operating in the eye of this technology hurricane, we are often lured down the road by the “be all, end all” construction software that promises to solve all of our daily challenges.

Along the way, we’ve discovered something pretty profound. It turns out that very few of these applications and software packages solve the most important aspect of our services: person-to-person communication supported by professional expertise with a touch of intuition tossed in for good measure.

Public works construction, at the ground level, remains a time-honored process. No computer or robot has yet to be developed that can match or replace the skill of an experienced craftsperson. Complex construction projects, many of them on occupied campuses, simply can’t be planned or assembled without human effort and interaction.

This is not to say that technology doesn’t have its place in our industry. VPCS uses software every day for document tracking and control to streamline operational processes. Architects and engineers use computerized design, including computer aided drafting, building information modeling solutions, etc.

Still, no piece of software can really get its hands dirty. Staying close to the ground is what sets VPCS apart from its competition.

By Mark Van Pelt