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  Focused on Setting Ourselves Apart

Formed as a California Corporation in 1996, Van Pelt Construction Services has a history of stable operations and consistent, carefully controlled growth. We have architectural, engineering and inspection professionals on staff and a strong administrative team in place to support our field operations.


Technical capabilities. All of our projects are managed utilizing the latest in industry standard software.


Schedules and project milestones. Van Pelt Construction Services takes great pride in its history of developing and maintaining project timelines. We have a complete understanding of the importance of maintaining realistic schedules, and our current and former clients concur that VPCS has been the key player in leading their projects to a successful and “on time” completion.


Quality control and assurance procedures. With our background in both contracting and design, Van Pelt Construction Services offers a keen perspective when it comes to document review. Included in our standard services is an in-house “Document Quality Control Review,” which is designed to weed out problems in construction documents before a project is bid. This review can drastically reduce the amount of conflicts and change orders during construction.

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