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Over years of management, VPCS has always worked with the district to file NOCs and manage DSA certification in a timely manner. Individual durations were dependent on scope of work and existing conditions. Time extensions were settled with the contractors in a fair manner that protected the district.

Work includes hundreds of thousands of square feet.


Bond Program

Measure XX


Management Duration



Delivery Methods



Program Elements

Mod, New, Field, Paving, Paint, Roof


The listed projects are a part of a large-scale/long-term series of bond measures which will modernization multiple aspects of every campus in the District.

  • Independence High School Building F Modernization
  • Independence High School Building G&N Modernization
  • Independence High School Building B Modernization
  • Independence High School Building Way Finding Project
  • WC Overfelt High School Music, Art and Admin Building
  • WC Overfelt High School Building J Modernization
  • Andrew Hill High School Courtyard/Hardscape Modernization
  • Piedmont High School Building D1 and D2 (New Science)
  • Piedmont High School Campus Improvements
  • Evergreen Valley High School Science Labs and Prep Rooms


  • Project Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Coordination with Design Team
  • Cost Estimating
  • Value Engineering Coordination
  • Constructability Review
  • Pre-Construction Oversight
  • DSA Coordination
  • Inspector of Record Coordination
  • Bid Coordination
  • Temporary Housing and Move Coordination
  • Correspondence with Public Utility Providers
  • Correspondence with Regulatory Agencies
  • Attending School Board Meetings
  • Reviewing Change Order Requests